Services Provided and Testimonials

Andy has been a professional photographer for 26 years and in that time he has captured images at a myriad of events, happenings, and photographed many faces, places and items.

His gallery of images is constantly updated and includes just a small sample of his work.

For more information and to see Andy’s other pictures, visit his contact page.

I have known Andy for more than 20 years and have always respected and admired his high quality photography. He is creative, innovative, polite, professional and rarely without a beaming smile on his face. He has the gift to make the most mundane of subjects come to life with his photography which is, perhaps, the greatest compliment that I can pay him. After his many years as a newspaper photographer, he has an excellent sense of what is and what is not newsworthy, experience which will stand him in good stead as a freelance snapper. I look forward to working with him in the future, now that he has jumped the fence and joined other ex-newspaper journalists in the PR and freelance sector. I wish him good luck and happiness as a new chapter opens in his career and life. Duncan Foulkes, MD Duncan Foulkes Public Relations Ltd and ex-Editor of the County Times & Express & Gazette.

I have had the good fortune to have come across Andy's high quality of work over several years in my role as Press Officer at Hereford United.

Andy always comes across as a friendly face but is also highly professional, the quality of his photographs speak for themselves.

He has a great attention to detail and his experience shines through. Whether he is photographing the footballing action, or taking promotional shots, he always seems to be able to catch the atmosphere of the moment within his pictures.

Jamie Griffiths, Former Hereford United Press Officer.